Speaking to Squirrels

The term ‘Animal Whisperer’ is used to describe someone who can ‘talk’ to animals. Animal Whisperers can perhaps tell animals certain messages and show them various emotions and sounds they can understand and reply to. Animal whispering requires a level of trust between both beings. There are multiple ways in which to build trust with an animal, but one of the most obvious ones is to feed it. Feeding wild animals can bring you closer to them until they begin to realise you are not a threat. As long as you have safe and tasty food that would be nutritious to the animal, you are ready to go.

I have used this technique with the Grey Squirrel which thrives in many parks and gardens around Britain. Over a number of months I have been visiting my little furry friends and feeding the nuts. As well as strengthening the bond between me and the animals, it has allowed me to take photographs far closer the animals than ever before. The best thing is, anyone who has the patience to wait in the cold and the rain for possibly hours on end to feed a few shy squirrels some nuts will eventually get to the point that they no longer fear you and even recognise you. I have a few squirrels I can remember from distinct features that I have come particularly close with and will come right up to the camera when I photograph them. It’s not always a quick process, but after time I can assure you that if you have the right attitude, the right food, and patience, you will be able to achieve the beginning of a bond with certain wild animals.

Here are some photos I have taken that would never have been possible if it were not for the bond I share with these squirrels.






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